At the Age of Zero

Release date: 10/25/2019

Slow & Steady Records announces the release of Bay Area-based “grunge-jazz” or “grazz” trio Bastet’s At The Age of Zero, which combines selections from the band’s first two recordings – Rock Music (2017) and Freedom Is A State Of Mind (2016) – with new compositions written by Bastet’s leader, guitarist Justin Rock. “At the age of zero, I was blind like a naked mole rat,” writes Rock. “Forced to react without preconception, using my beginner's mind.” The music is indeed raw, played with blunt honesty, and at times reckless abandon by Rock and his bandmates Giulio Xavier Cetto (bass) and Mike Quigg (drums).

The songs find inspiration in the city – electric, shifting gears at lightning speed, at times overwhelming – “but at the same time, it's the ocean, it's the mountains, its the ground upon which the city sits. It's space. It's sand. It's peace. It's nostalgic at times, but pushing forward relentlessly,” says Rock. Although recorded over several years, there’s an overarching sense of freedom that weaves these songs together.

At The Age of Zero also showcases Bastet’s collaborative spirit – special guests include Danielle Wertz (vocals on track 1), keyboardist Javier Santiago (synth on track 1), Becky Mimiaga (vocals on tracks 2 and 4), multi-reedist Steven Lugerner (bass clarinet on track 3), Andrew Dixon (sax on track 5), Ian McArdle (keys on tracks 8, 9 and 10) – and as you’ll read in the track listing below, the album takes the listener through a full spectrum of sound and emotion.

Bastet is:

Justin Rock (guitar/vocals/composer)
Giulio Cetto (bass)
Mike Quigg (drums)

Special guests:
Danielle Wertz (vocals on track 1)
Javier Santiago (synth on track 1)
Becky Mimiaga (vocals on tracks 2 and 4)
Steven Lurgerner (bass clarinet on track 3)
Andrew Dixon (sax on track 5)
Ian Mcardle (keys on tracks 8,9, and 10)

Tracks 1-4 recorded and mixed by Robert Kirby
Tracks 5-10 recorded and mixed by Jamie Riotto (Tiny Telephone)
All tracks mastered by Jeff Lipton (Peerless Mastering).
Album Art by Justin Gradin.

Beth Beauchamp