Release date: 10/12/2019

Marigold (commissioned by the Los Angeles Jazz Society in 2018), delivers a powerful journey of intuitive unpredictability inspired by Baba’s family immigration story from Syria & Greece. Marigold embodies the emotional process behind the persistent drive to cultivate the freedom to create without fear. It is a narrative of perseverance to finding peace and initiating growth by virtue of change and adversity; knowing there is a continuous flow of creativity, understanding, equality, and limitless boundaries present for all of us in each moment. Produced by Baba, Marigold was recorded live in the studio – a 45-minute un-doctored real-time performance – presented as a long-form suite in 4 continuous movements; representing the nature of Marigold’s conception as “a loop – no beginning or end – exploring through-composition + improvisation and continuing the search to conceptualize time + music + existence – understanding that the past, present, and future are simultaneous experiences.” This loop represents our emotions and stories through perseverance; experiences that can happen in an instant or for eternity or anywhere in-between. Baba’s complex and thoughtful compositional voice captures moments of vulnerability, depth, and introspection through layers of driving rhythms and esoteric melodies intertwined with an intuitive play on timing and expectation; delivering an emotionally powerful and immersive listening experience.

Lauren Elizabeth Baba · conducting | composition
Henry Solomon · alto saxophone | bass clarinet | flute
Gavin Templeton · alto saxophone | flute
Joe Santa Maria · tenor saxophone | flute
Jerry Pinter · tenor saxophone | clarinet | flute
Brian Walsh · baritone saxophone
Anthony Bonsera · trumpet
Nathan Johnson · trumpet
Chris Lawrence · trumpet
Greg Zilboorg · trumpet
Harrison Kirk · trombone
Joey Sellers · trombone
Robert Todd, Jr. · bass trombone
Juliane Gralle · bass trombone
Gregory Uhlmann · guitar
Cathleen Pineda · piano
Miller Wrenn · bass
Jesse Quebbeman-Turley · drums


Marigold was commissioned by Los Angeles Jazz Society through 2018 New Note Artist Award and premiered at 2018 Angel City Jazz Festival at Ford Theater, Los Angeles, CA

All songs composed by Lauren Elizabeth Baba and are published by BABAMUSIC, ASCAP

Recorded June 9, 2018 by Chris Harbach at Red Gate Recorders, Los Angeles, CA
Mixed by Chris Harbach at Red Gate Recorders
Mastered by Daniel Eaton at Little Castle Mastering
Photography by Mehdi Hassine

Beth Beauchamp