Brass Magic’s third album, Fanfare, finds the Oakland-based “horns and drums” band building on its foundation of bringing non-traditional grooves, textures and influences into the brass band tradition. More so than previous albums, Fanfare finds Brass Magic in an exploratory phase. Fanfare features saxophonists Raffi Garabedian (tenor) and Joseph Hartnett (alto), trumpeters Max Miller-Lorin and Ross Eustis, trombonists Danny Lubin-Laden (founder of Brass Magic) and Rob Ewing, tubist Jonathan Seiberlich, and drummer Adam Starkopf, as well as guest vocalist Kaila Baće.


Raffi Garabedian - Tenor Saxophone
Joe Hartnett - Alto Saxophone
Danny Lubin-Laden - Trombone
Rob Ewing - Trombone
Ross Eustis - Trumpet
Max Miller-Loran - Trumpet
Jonathan Seiberlich - Tuba
Adam Starkopf - Drumset
Kaila Bace - Vocals (featured on Runabout)

Produced by Brass Magic
Recorded & Mixed @ Tiny Telephone (Oakland)
Mastered by Jacob Winik

01. Gun Of A Son
02. Grey Whale (intro)
03. Grey Whale
04. Journey Around The Lake
05. Runabout feat. Kaila Bace (originally recorded by Little Dragon) 
06. Fanfare
07. For My Drummers
08. Song For Ghost Ship

Beth Beauchamp